Summer Camps and Programs for Teenagers


Teens often await summer vacation during the school year among days of class lessons and nights of homework. Summer vacation brings about warm weather and ample amounts of free time. However, moreĀ often than not, it can also get boring after the first couple of weeks. Summer programs for teens are an easy way to occupy a teenagers time and to help them pursue their interests.

Fashion Programs

These programs teach students all kinds of skills related to the fashion industry. Many of them focus on the actual design and manufacturing of fashion items like clothing and accessories. However, they may also focus on things like getting a fashion line in a boutique or starting a privately owned online store. These programs tend to be run by industry experts who want to transfer their knowledge on to the younger generation.

Pre-College Programs

Programs like these are for students that cannot get enough of school subjects in the classroom. College prep programs may prepare students for college through SAT and ACT prep or by helping them fine tune certain subjects for which they have a passion. While these programs are a lot like continuing school for another month or so, they often have activities like dances and game nights for the students to participate in.

Creative Writing Programs

Programs like the University of Virginia creative writing camp at Sweet Briar College and the Interlochen Creative Writing Summer Camp take creative writing out of the classroom and work to expand students’ knowledge and experience on the subject. By putting students in classes with MFA-holding instructors and assistant instructors with experience in creative writing at the college level, the students build the skills they need to improve their writing and to continue to do so even after the camp is over.

Language Programs

It is impossible to become fluent in another language without being completely enriched in that language. Summer language programs work to provide students with this enrichment. These programs are more vigorous than school language classes and will have less distractions.

Summer Camps

Summer camps provide more general summer programs for teens. They can provide a large array of classes including creative writing, visual art, performing arts, and lots of other classes. Since these classes have such a large variety of subjects, it is not guaranteed that they will be experts in the field or subject they are teaching. Camps like these usually hire college students or recent high school graduates.

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