Few Myths About Best Time to Appear for Driving Test


With regards to clearing driving test, there are number of myths circulating about the best time for appearing for this test. People think that if you choose those days and timings then chances of you clearing the driving test is maximum. However, these are simply myths and there is no truth behind these stories.

Let us discuss about some of the myths which may be hilarious for some of you.

  • Friday afternoon is the best time to appear for driving test

People think that if you appear for the test on this particular day then your chances of clearing the driving test is maximum. The logic behind this myth is that most of the examiners are in jolly mood on this day and are mostly busy planning how they will spend their weekend.  However, the fact is that test centres are operational on Saturday and hence there is no question of weekend preparation on Friday. Secondly, the theory test result has no relation with any particular day as the test is conducted in computerised way.

  • No need of any preparation for theory test

Quite a few candidates think that there is nothing to prepare for the driving theory test, so there is no need to study or read a book. However, you must understand that you can always be caught on your wrong foot if you go for exam totally unprepared. The multiple answer questions will totally confuse you. To avoid disappointment during examination, you are advised to go for examination fully prepared, so that you should not depend on your guess to answer any question.

  • Never appear on Monday morning for test as that is the worst time.

Here again the outcome of the test is linked with the mood of the examiners on that particular day. This is just an assumption and there is no statistical data available to justify the above theory. Rather Monday is the day when people must be in fresh mind as they had a holiday just on the previous day.

So finally, which is the best day?

If all these above are myth then what should be best day when you have got maximum chance to clear the driving test? If you ask me the best time to appear for the driving test can be any day. However, it is necessary that the candidate must be well prepared and fully confident to appear for the test. That can be any day irrespective whether it is Monday or Friday. Therefore, Book Theory Test Today if you think that you are well prepared for the test.

In order to prepare for the driving test, you must do enough practice by solving the model test paper so that you can develop enough confidence. You need to give sufficient amount of time in improving your driving skills too. If you drive regularly then there are many questions you can easily answer due to your experience of driving itself. Particularly for clearing the hazardous test, driving practice on the road can be very useful for you.

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